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  1. Fearless Colors / Samplerman

    Fearless Colors by Samplerman
    kuš! mono #5, November 2017

    Samplerman is one of the incarnations of the cartoonist Yvang, a collagist experimenting ad infinitum. His surrealist non-stories have been featured in many publications like š!, Off Life, Smoke Signal, Ink Brick, Lagon, The Village Voice, and Scratches. The featured pages were made between 2012 and 2015 and are for the first time collected as a book.

    Format: A5 (14.8 cm x 21 cm / 6" x 8"), 100 pages, full-color, perfect bound
    Printed in Latvia on FSC certified paper

    Co-published with Ediciones Valientes and MMMNNNRRRG 

    Reviews: Panel PatterFour Color Apocalypse, Orbital Comics, Little Nemo's Kat, Comics Alternative, Earl Grey

    # sold out # Get copies from Chili Com Carne or Ediciones Valientes

  2. Fenix / Zane Zlemeša

    Fenix by Zane Zlemeša
    kuš! mono #4, November 2017

    Fenix City is named for the magical phoenix bird. Folk tales tell us that the city was built on the spot where the first phoenix appeared. Fenix has now flourished into one of the hottest gambling and art scenes in the region. The book tells the story about a man whose big gambling win allows him to fulfil his lifelong dream - to open his own art museum.

    Zane Zlemeša draws, paints, makes comics and illustration between Riga, Leipzig and Fenix.

    Format: A5 (14.8 cm x 21 cm / 6" x 8"), 68 pages, full-color, perfect bound
    Printed in Latvia on FSC certified paper

    Support: Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation

    Reviews: Comics Alternative, Four Color Apocalypse

    Get it: Order it from our webshop (price includes worldwide shipping).

  3. An Exorcism / Theo Ellsworth

    An Exorcism by Theo Ellsworth
    kuš! mono #3, April 2017

    When I reach the blue surface, my exorcism treatment will begin. I don't feel ready for this, but there's no turning back. This is going to be a harsh experience; that's all that I know.

    "Theo Ellsworth delves deep into another dimension, forming a world that is beautifully unnerving. Each panel explodes with intensity and movement, thick with complex line work, patterns, and creatures. Ellsworth's work is so original, and An Exorcism is an expressive outflow of his unique creative energy." - Jesse Jacobs

    Theo Ellsworth has made numerous comics and art zines including 'Capacity', 'Gnome Activity', and 'The Understanding Monster'. He is the house artist for the record label Astral Industries and his work has been featured in Best American Comics, Smoke Signal, and Trip Magazine.

    Format: A6 (4" x 6"), 128 pages, full-color, perfect bound
    Printed in Latvia on FSC certified paper

    Reviews: Broken Frontier, The Comics Beat, Four Color Apocalypse, Comics Bulletin, Minchō Magazine, Philippine Star Supreme, Comics Alternative, Solrad

    Awards: Notable Comic in 'Best American Comics 2018'

    Get it: Order the last copies from our webshop for $14.95 (includes worldwide shipping).

  4. Brume / Amanda Baeza

    Brume by Amanda Baeza
    kuš! mono #2, February 2017

    Although Amanda Baeza’s drawings seem to come from another world, the comics in Brume are based on real events and real feelings. Her graphic personality is rare – so distinct and at the same time so mutable, and even rarer is the way in which her words and images create original narratives and visual poems.

    Format: A5 (14.8 cm x 21 cm / 6" x 8"), 116 pages, full-color, perfect bound
    Printed in Latvia on FSC certified paper

    Support: Funded by the Direção-Geral do Livro, dos Arquivos e das Bibliotecas/Portugal.

    Reviews: Rookie, Broken Frontier, Bandas Desenhadas, Ler BD, Comics Alternative, Earl Grey

    Awards: Winner "Best Drawings" and nominated as "Best Book" at Amadora BD, Portugal

    # sold out # Last copies available via Spit And A Half

  5. the End of a Fence / Roman Muradov

    the End of a Fence by Roman Muradov
    kuš! mono #1, November 2015

    What if we were segregated by compatibility? What if we agreed on everything, from haircuts to philosophy? What if we had no sides to take? What would remain in the middle? Inspired by J.G.Ballard, Ai Weiwei, Jonathan Monk and all the recent horrors in the news. Imagine a community willfully segregated by OkCupidish algorithms… or don’t–Roman Muradov did it for you!

    Roman Muradov is an award-winning author and illustrator from Moscow, Russia, currently living in San Francisco, USA. His clients include The New Yorker, The New York Times, Penguin, Random House, Vogue, Time, GQ, and many others. His first graphic novella, (In A Sense) Lost & Found was published in 2014 by Nobrow Press.

    Format: A6 (4" x 6"), 100 pages, full-color, perfect bound
    Printed in Latvia on FSC certified paper

    Reviews: A.V. Club, The Comics Beat, Art Kunstmagazin, Mental Floss, Wink Books, Sequential State, High-Low, Libraire D Q, ConSequential, Earl Grey

    Awards: Notable Comic in 'Best American Comics 2017'

    # sold out # Last copies available via Spit And A Half

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