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  1. kuš! webshop

    Kuš! Shop

    Get all our comics from the kuš! webshop or buy them directly in the books section. All prices already include worldwide shipping costs! Very simple, go click on the orange buttons.

    Below you can also find a list of places where to get kuš! offline in bookshops in Riga and around the world.

  2. kuš! subscription

    Kuš! Subscription

    Yes, it's also possible to subscribe your favorite Baltic comics anthology! You can order the next four releases here, or get the next 6 releases here and always read the newest š! anthologies and mini kuš! when they are hot from print!

  3. kuš! in Riga

    Kuš! dealers in Riga

    Bolderāja (Avotu iela 29)

    Комиксы (Čaka iela 32)

  4. kuš! in Europe

    Shops in Europe


    Multi BD, Brussels



    Neurotitan, Berlin

    Renate, Berlin

    Strips & Stories, Hamburg

    Rotopol, Kassel

    MZIN, Leipzig

    Superjuju, Stuttgart

    Comicautomat, Kellerbühne, Erlangen



    Tinta nos Nervos, Lisbon


    Czech Republic

    No Ordinary Heroes, Prague


    The Netherlands

    Boycott Books, Amsterdam

    Athenaeum, Amsterdam

    Lambiek, Amsterdam



    Comix Shop, Luzern



    Inuit, Bologna

    Pilar, Rome

    Risma Bookshop, Rome

    Belleville Comics, Torino



    Bilderbox, Vienna

    Pictopia, Vienna



    Le Monte-en-l'air, Paris


    Le Garage L., Forcalquier



    Fatbottom Books, Barcelona

    Central Libretera, Barcelona

    Central Libretera, Madrid

    Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid



    Gosh, London

    Orbital Comics, London

    House of Illustration, London

    Bookartbookshop, London

    Centrala, webshop & distro

    Family store, Brighton

    Here Gallery, Bristol

    Elm., Norwich



    Rastine, Vilnius

  5. kuš! outside Europe

    International shops


    Spit and a Half, webshop & distro

    Quimby's Bookstore, Chicago

    McNally Jackson, New York

    McNally Jackson, Brooklyn

    Desert Island, Brooklyn

    Floating World Comics, Portland

    Big Planet Comics, Washington D.C.

    Copacetic Comics, Pittsburgh

    Atomic Books, Baltimore

    Mount Analogue, Seattle

    Wow Cool, Cupertino, CA

    Giant Robot, Los Angeles

    Seite, Los Angeles

    Other Books, Los Angeles

    Shop at MATTER, Denver

    Verbatim Books, San Diego

    The Secret Headquarters, Los Angeles

    Mission: Comics & Art, San Francisco

    Gutter Pop Comics, Buffalo, NY

    The Concern. Newsstand, Raleigh, NC

    Wakeup Comics, Nashville, TN



    Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, Montreal

    Lucky's Comics, Vancouver

    Page & Panel, TCAF Shop, Toronto

    The Beguiling, Toronto

    Phoenix Comics, Calgary



    Dar Khalil Bookroom, Cairo



    Space Cow Comics, Tyumen

    Маяк, Saint Petersburg



    Musaraña Libros, Buenos Aires



    UGRA, Sao Paulo

    Banca Tatuí, Sao Paulo



    Sticky Institute, Melbourne



    Studio Soup, Manila



    TACO ché, Tokyo

    Popotame, Tokyo



    Wooden Birds Comics, Beijing

    XiaomingTheShop, online

    Cool Air Books, 4F, Shanghai


    Hong Kong

    Kubrick, Hong Kong

    Comix Home Base, Hong Kong


    South Korea

    Pinokio Bookshop, Seoul

    Veronica Effect, Seoul



    Mangasick, Taipei

  6. Wholesale

    Would you like to sell kuš! in your shop? That's great, just write an e-mail to komikss(at)gmail(dot)com and we'll send you the details!

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