1. Redrawing Stories from the Past

    Exhibition, Galerie Im Saalbau, Berlin, Germany, 06.11.2015-07.02.2016

    kuš! is part of Redrawing Stories from the Past. The five artists Paula Bulling, Max Baitinger, Vuk PalibrkMārtiņš Zutis and Zosia Dzierżawska made comics about victims of National Socialism. The process and the results are exhibited in Berlin. Visit!

  2. Urban Jungle

    Exhibition, Latvian National Library, M Floor, Riga, Latvia, 17.11.15 - 05.01.2016

    Exhibition of the best 10 submissions for the 3rd Latvian comics competition (Komiksu Konkurss 2015). Works by  Anete Bajāre, Emīls Paupe-Balodis, Elīna Brasliņa, Līva Kandevica, Pauls Rietums, Vivianna Maria Stanislavska, Ance Vilnīte, Raivis Vilūns, Mārtiņš Zutis and Jevgeņija Žiģisova.

    And the winners are....

    1. place - Līva Kandevica

    2. place - Elīna Brasliņa (shared 2nd prize)

    2. place - Mārtiņš Zutis (shared 2nd prize)

  3. kuš! world tour

    kuš! world tour, world, August-December 2015

    London, Helsinki, Brussels, Bogotá, Medellín, Paris, Berlin, New York, Brooklyn, Antwerp, Bologna and Freiburg are the destinations of our tour. Find the dates on our blog! See you in the Jungle!

    Illustration by Līva Kandevica

  4. Comics on the Northern Edge of Europe

    NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium, Illustration Week, Parsons The New School, New York, 05.11.2015

    A special meeting of the NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium was held at Parsons The New School as part of the Society of Illustrators Illustration Week.

    Comics on the Northern Edge of Europe
    Tom Oldham (Breakdown Press), Patrick Crotty (PEOW! studio), Tommi Musturi (KUTIKUTI) and David Schilter (kuš!) presented their comics outfits from the UK, Sweden, Finland and Latvia and discussed with host Ben Katchor.

    Event initiated by Ben Katchor and David Schilter

    Illustration by Patrick Crotty

  5. CAB

    Comic Arts Brooklyn, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 07.11.2015

    kuš! was at the Comic Arts Brooklyn, one of the major US festivals for independent comics.

  6. Diuretic Landscapes and Portraits

    Exhibition, Grafixx, DE Studio, Antwerp, Belgium, 21.-22.11.2015

    The smallest rooms will offer you an artful break at Grafixx in Antwerp. A fine selection of diuretic works by Latvian artist Mārtiņš Zutis will be located in the most intimate public exhibition spaces around DE Studio. The spectators can lock themselves up away from daily concerns and contemplate uninterruptedly.

  7. Grafixx

    Grafixx, DE Studio, Antwerp, Belgium, 21.-22.11.2015

    kuš! was part of the zine fest at Grafixx in Antwerp. Next to selling our comics, we also presented a brand new exhibition by Mārtiņš Zutis, specially made for the festival.

  8. BilBolBul

    Bilbolbul, Comics Festival, Bologna, Italy, 19.-22.11.2015

    kuš! was part of the comics arts festival BilBolBul in Bologna. Next to promoting kuš!, Latvian artist Līva Kandevica and kuš! editor Sanita Muižniece also took part in a small press panel.

    Illustration: Excerpt of festival poster by Lilli Carré

  9. Project Redrawing Stories From The Past

    Workshops & Exhibitions, Belgrade, Pančevo (Serbia), Chemnitz, Berlin, Leipzig (Germany), throughout 2015

    The project Redrawing Stories from the Past fosters and accompanies five young comic artists from different European countries during their engagement with commemorative cultures, biographies and the history of the victims of National Socialism. kuš! is a project partner and published the results in š! #23.

  10. Fanzines! Festival

    Fanzines! Festival, Médiathèque Marguerite Duras, Paris, France, 17.-18.10.2015

    kuš! was at Fanzines! Festival in Paris represented by kuš! editors Sanita Muižniece and David Schilter.

  11. Entreviñetas

    Comic Festival, Entreviñetas, Bogotá, Colombia, 24-27 September 2015

    kuš! editor David Schilter is an invited guest at the comic arts festival Entreviñetas. He'll hold a lecture about publishing at the National Library of Colombia, holding a Workshop for arts and design students at Los Andes university, take part in panel discussions with international and local artists and publishers, attend  presentations and exhibitions and also present the travelling exhibition The Last Match.

    Support: Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation

    Illustration: Festival banner by Ana Galvañ

  12. el último fósforo

    The Last Match, Entreviñetas, Capital Junior College, Bogotá, Colombia, 25.9.-04.10.2015

    kuš! will bring the travelling exhibition The Last Match to the Colombian comics art festival Entreviñetas with 403 contributions by artists from 52 different countries. Opening on September 25 at 7:30 PM at Capital Junior College in Bogotá.

    Support: Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation

  13. Cilvēks, kurš zīmē!

    Exhibition, workshop, Goethe-Institut, Riga, 18.09.-05.10.2015

    In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Riga, we looked over the shoulders of ten comic artists from Riga and Berlin. Each artist was asked to draw a "drawing person" and the result is captured in time-lapse films. The films were exhibited along with the drawings at the Goethe Institute. On September 19th/20th there was be a comics workshop for Baltic artists led by Aisha Franz. The results of the workshop can be seen here.

  14. Cultures Maison

    Comic Festival, Maison des Cultures de Saint-Gilles, Brussels, Belgium, 11.-13.09.2015

    kuš! was at Cultures Maison in Brussels represented by kuš! contributor Oskars Pavlovskis from Latvia.

    Illustration: Excerpt from the festival poster by Gwénola Carrère.

  15. Helsinki Comics Festival

    Comics Festival, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, Finland, 28.-30.08.2015

    kuš! was at the 30th Helsinki Comics Festival, the biggest festival of it's kind in Northern Europe. Behind the colorful kuš! table were kuš! editors Sanita Muižniece and David Schilter. Meanwhile long time kuš! contributor Ingrīda Pičukāne held a comics/language workshop entitled "How to flirt in Latvian" supported by the Rozentāls Society. During the festival we also interviewed Jesse Jacobs on the main festival stage and took part in a panel discussion about Small Press together with MISMA from France and Stripburger from Slovenia.

  16. Safari Festival

    Comics Festival, Protein, 31 New Inn Yard, London, UK, 22.08.2015

    kuš! was exhibiting at Safari Festival, the festival for new waves in contemporary comics and art, organized by Breakdown Press. Behind the colorful kuš! table was kuš! editor David Schilter and kuš! contributor Marie Jacotey. On the 21st of August š! #22 'Fashion' was launched at the Safari Pre-Party at Gosh Comics.

  17. CRACK!

    Festival, Forteprestino, Rome, Italy, 25.-28.06.2015

    kuš! mascot König Lü.Q was representing us at the legendary  festival of drawn and printed art CRACK! at Forteprestino in Rome, selling our comics in the tunnels of the old fort.

    Illustration by König Lü.Q.

  18. I Never Read

    Art Book Fair, Basel, Switzerland, 17.-20.06.2015

    kuš! was selected to be an exhibitor at I Never Read, the Basel Art Book fair. The kuš! table was manned by regular kuš! contributor and kuš! mascot König Lü.Q.

    Illustration by König Lü.Q.

  19. dance & draw

    Drawing Performance, Laiks Dejot, Int. Contemporary Dance Festival, Riga, 17.-20.06.2015

    Zane Zlemeša was the special drawing reporter for journal.dance.lv at the International Contemporary Dance Festival 'Laiks Dejot'. She visited three performances and draw her impressions. A very inspiring cooperation between contemorary dancing and visual art!

    Drawing galleries from the performances: " Contemporary?" (Agne Ramanauskaite, PauļusTamole, Mants Stabačinsks) / "Work"(Andrius Katinas) / “Maiju” (Juko Kominami)

  20. Komiksu Konkurss Exhibition

    Exhibition, Paula Stradiņa Medicīnas vēstures muzejā, Riga, 20.11.2014-14.05.2015

    The best 10 works from the comics competition with the theme "Body Factory" are part of the exhibition „Anatoms. Cilvēka ķermeņa fabrika” at Paula Stradiņa Medicīnas vēstures museum (20.11.2014 - 14.05.2015).

    On the 13.11.2014 was the award cermony. The jury consisting of Frank Arnauts, Rūta Briede, Pauls Bankovskis, Andrejs Ērglis, Solvita Krese and David Schilter selected the comics from the 79 submissions and awarded prizes worth over 1100 EUR to the artists of the best three comics. The selected contributors are:

    Adriāna Roze, Adriāns Kulpe, Anita Rupeika, Elīna Brasliņa, Laura Ķeniņš, Ernests Kļaviņš, Līva Piterāne, Lote Vilma Vītiņa, Māra Drozdova un Zane Zlemeša.

    The winners are: 

    1. place - Zane Zlemeša

    2. place - Adriāns Kulpe

    3. place - Ernests & Andrejs Kļaviņš

    The 3 winning comics can be read here!

  21. Libros Mutantes

    Art Book Fair, Madrid, Spain, 24.-26.04.2015

    kuš! was selected to be an exhibitor at Libros Mutantes, the Madrid Art Book fair.

    After the art book fair, David Schilter held a selfpublishing comics workshop for the students of IED Visual at the Istituto Europa di Design Madrid!

  22. Viimeinen Tikku

    The Last Match, Å-Fest, Grand, Porvoo, Finland, 14.-20.02.2015

    kuš! was a guest at the brand new comic festival  Å-Fest in Porvoo organized by Kaisa Leka and Emmi Valve. kuš! was not only taking part in the comics fair and a panel discussion about free speech, but also presented a selection of the travelling exhibition "The last Match" at the culture centre Grand.

  23. Apīte

    Comics workshop, bērnu jauniešu centrā "Apīte", Riga, 21.03.2015

    kuš! comics workshop led by Sabīne Moore and Aivars Baranovs for kids and youngsters. After an introduction to the wide diversity of comics everybody got to draw their own comic with the help and inputs from the workshop leaders.
  24. Nextcomic

    Nextcomic Festival, Linz, Austria, 19.-22.03.2015

    kuš! had a stand at the Suuuper Sonntag comic fair at Nextcomic Festival in Linz. kuš! was represented by the artist Zane Zlemeša who also took part in a panel discussion and made a presentation of her work during the festival.

    Support: Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation 

  25. Fumetto

    Fumetto festival, Lucerne, Switzerland, 07-15.03.2015

    kuš! had a stand both weekends at the International Comics Arts Festival Fumetto in Lucerne. kuš! was represented by it's editor David Schilter and by the artists Anete Melece, Markus Häfliger and König Lü.Q..

  26. Noslēpums

    Exhibition 'A Secret', Kalnciema kvartāla, Riga, 28.02-12.03.2015

    Exhibition by Zane Zlemeša and Anna Vaivare at Kalnciema Kvartāla Galerija, Riga. On display were original artworks from their mini kuš! #28 'Collector' and mini kuš! #24 'Swimming Pool'. Stories about a photo salon operator and a swimming pool cleaner - both with an unexpected twist!
    Organized by: Komiksu žurnāls kuš! Support: Kalnciema kvartāls, Malduguns.

  27. The Finnish Comics Phenomenon

    Comics Presentation, Birojnīca, Berga Bazārs, Riga 23.02.2015, 17:30

    Ville Hänninen, a Finnish comics journalist, critic and the chairman of Finnish Comics Society, had an inspiring presentation of Finnish comics with lot of visual examples of this vibrant scene!

    Event organized by Zmp Birojs Latvijā in collaboration with the University of Latvia and kuš!. Supported by the Embassy of Finland in Riga.

    Illustration: Excerpt from Marko Turunen's comic in š! #8 'Midnight Sun'

  28. Å-Fest

     Å-Fest, Porvoo, Finland, 14.02.2015

    kuš! was a guest at the brand new comic festival  Å-Fest in Porvoo organized by Kaisa Leka and Emmi Valve. kuš! was not only taking part in the comics fair and a panel discussion about free speech, but also presented a selection of the travelling exhibition "The last Match".

  29. Tenderete 9

    Tenderete festival, Valencia, Spain, 03-05.01.2015

    kuš! had a stand at the Tenderete Festival for Small Press, Graphics and Sound in Valencia. kuš! was represented by it's editor David Schilter who also took part in a panel discussion about comics publishing. A great festival!

  30. Drink & Draw

    Drink & Draw, different venues, Riga, since 2011

    About once a month we meet up with Latvian artists and comics enthusiast for drink & draw sessions. The idea behind it is to bring the artists out of their comfort zones to meet up with others to have not only a drink together, but to get to know eachother and draw, create comics, make collective drawings, have comics jams, read comics and also talk a bit.

    Since the first event in 2011 we have had a bunch of international guest joining in, such as French cartoonist Sam Teller, Swiss illustrator Ruedi Schorno,  American ilustrator E.J. Barnes, Swiss fanzine king König Lü.Q., French comics collective Psoriasis, American artist Gary Baseman, Dutch comics artist Albo Helm, Austrian animator Stefan Holaus, Austrian kuš! contributor Simon H, Austrian illustrator Christoph Abbrederis , Mexican artist Inés Estrada and comics residents James Turek, Emmi Valve and Berliac. Amanda Baeza, Natalie Chavarria, Paul Paetzel, Liisa Kruusmägi, João Sobral, Mikkel Sommer...

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