1. Past Events

  2. CANTASTORIA Workshop with Zsófi Rumi

    Workshop, Bolderāja, Avotu iela 29, Riga, 08.12.2021, 18:00-21:00

    CANTASTORIA - Is It Comics? Is It Theater? -  A presentation and workshop exploring the traditional theatrical form cantastoria.

    CANTASTORIA, or canta historia is a theatrical form where a performer tells or sings a story while gesturing to a series of images. It's a fun and cheap way to tell short stories or share important information on the streets, at markets, in bars, and at protests. At this workshop, with the help of current kuš! resident Zsófi Rumi, participants will get a bit of context on the genre and its contemporary use, see Zsófi's short performance, and - most importantly - make their own cantastorias as well.

    PARTICIPANTS CAN BRING: musical instruments or noise-makers, newspaper clippings of interesting news, favourite dainas or haikus etc, but can also come totally empty-handed. Wear clothes that can get dirty.

    AGES 7 - 99, for 5-15 people. Please bring valid covid certificate and mask. Participation is for free. Register at kushmens@gmail.com, first come, first reserved!
  3. Comix Workshop with Aapo Rapi

    Workshop, ISSP Gallery, Berga Bazarā, Riga, 16.10.2021, 12:00-18:00

    Finnish comic artist Aapo Rapi will help you in the creation of a short comic and create a zine together with you.

    The workshop will be held in English and is free of charge, but you'll need to apply to kushmens@gmail.com until the 13th of October, until the 14th we'll tell you if you get a space, as they are limited to a maximum of 15 persons.All participants must have a valid Covid certificate. You'll only need to bring some pens to draw and a story of some real life incident or a dream or such from your own life!

    Aapo Rapi is a Finnish visual artist. He has studied in Tampere and at the College of Arts in Edinburgh. He is considered one of the best Finnish comic authors of all times. He is a member of the Kutikuti collective and his book Meti (2008) was nominated for Best Work at the prestigious Festival de Angoulême. Today, Aapo Rapi continues to make comics, works as a part-time illustrator and teaches comic courses. Currently he is an artist in residence at the kuš! residency in Riga.

    The workshop is organized by kuš! and is supported by ISSP, Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia, and Nordic Culture Point
  4. Kuš! – Zu Gast in Bremen

    Exhibition, Workshop, Raum404, Nicolaistrasse 34/36, Bremen, Germany, 30.07-04.09.2021

    Kuš! group exhibition with Latvian artists Anna Vaivare, Ingrīda Pičukāne, Kerija Arne, Liāna Mihailova, Lote Vilma, Rebeka Lukošus, and Zane Zlemeša. Curated by David Schilter. Exhibition opening 30.07 at 7 pm.

    From 31.07.-02.08. there will also be a comics workshop with Anna Vaivare and Ingrīda Pičukāne.

    Support: Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stifung, Waldemar Koch Stiftung, Ortsamt Mitte / östliche Vorstadt, Honorarkonsulat der Republik Lettland, Botschaft der Republik Lettland in Berlin, Fraktionsverein der Partei die Linke im Bundestag.

    Special thanks to Gregor Straube for organizing this event!

    Illustration: Anna Vaivare

  5. Rebeka Lukošus - Oops

    Exhibition, Kamergalerija, 11. novembra krastmala 35, Riga, 25.08.-11.09.2021

    Rebeka Lukošus' solo exhibition is dedicated to the woman with 6 arms, or spiderwoman respectively. It's a character from her mini kuš! 'Oops'.

    Kamergalerija is in the Makslinieku nams on 11. novembra krastmalā 35, 5th floor, 81. room. Open every day from 12.00 to 18.00.

    Organized by “Grafikas Kamera” in collaboration with “Latvijas Mākslinieku savienība” and kuš! Supported by State Culture Capital Foundation
  6. Collateral Shapes

    Workshop, Free Riga, Viskaļu iela 36, Riga, 19.08.2021, 18:00-21:00

    Action and inaction, shadow or light, can I be the bearer of both at the same time?
    Ideas chirp in the chiaroscuro casted by doubts in the freshest summer of the next ones to come.
    Collateral consequences of letting the horses of your imagination run wild could be unpredictable.
    But if you love them ... set them free ... they could win an Olympic prize. Or just gallop you to this workshop.
    Illustration & DIY print lab with Chiara Dal Maso

    Up to 10 participants
    Free of charge
    Covid certificate required
    Please apply by 16.08 to kushmens@gmail.com - first come, first served!

    Child of the ‘80s, Chiara Dal Maso is an illustrator and visual artist from Thiene, Italy. Her contents draw from daily life observations, puns, web culture, song lyrics and books, many books. Surfing the media of visual art creating illustrations, comics, animations, her wish is to keep experimenting. Even more than the final result, it's the inner process unleashing the artistic expression that fascinates her. Workshops are great occasions to acquire and share different points of view, playing a vital role in knowing others and yourself. In addition to carrying out her personal projects, she has drawn for clients like Vice, So Young Magazine, Nike and since 2017 conducted a lot of multidisciplinary workshops around Italy with her collective Drinchendrò.

    Organized by kuš! in cooperation Viskaļi - Dzīves kvalitātes dizaina institūts
  7. Pauls Rietums - Esošais vai vēlamais

    Exhibition, Kamergalerija, 11. novembra krastmala 35, Riga, 19.06.-18.07.2021

    Solo exhibition of drawings by Pauls Rietums at Kamergalerija.

    Kamergalerija is in the Makslinieku nams on 11. novembra krastmalā 35, 5th floor, 81. room. Open every day from 12.00 to 18.00.

  8. LUSTR on Tour

    Exhibition, LUSTR on Tour, Pilsen, Czech Republic, 15.06.-17.07.2021

    kuš! is happy to be part of LUSTR on Tour! LUSTR is an internationally acclaimed illustration festival from Prague and they are taking their exhibitions on tour! In Pilsen will be an exhibition with huge prints of Latvian artists Liāna Mihailova, Pauls Rietums, Anna Vaivare, Oskars Pavlovskis, Mārtiņš Zutis, Anna Malicka, Rebeka Lukošus, Ernests Kļaviņš, Lote Vilma Vītiņa, Zane Zlemeša, Kerija Arne, Ingrīda Pičukāne and Vivianna Maria Stanislavska.

    Illustration by Zane Zlemeša

  9. Kerija Arne - Picnic

    Exhibition, Kamergalerija, 11. novembra krastmala 35, Riga, 09.-27.06.2021

    The main character of Kerija Arne's solo exhibition "Picnic" is a resident of an apartment building who has come out in the yard to feed the animals there. The question of whether diners are real creatures or imaginary living beings remains unanswered.

    Kerija Arne (1993) graduated from the Latvian Academy of Arts “Movement. Picture. Sound" department and works with animation on a daily basis. The animated short film “Dramatic End” made during her studies has participated in various film festivals in Europe, as well as gained recognition here in Latvia. In 2018, Keria's solo exhibition took place at the LOW Gallery. Kerry also draws visual stories, some of which are published by kuš!.

    Kamergalerija is in the Makslinieku nams on 11. novembra krastmalā 35, 5th floor, 81. room. Open every day from 12.00 to 18.00.

    Organized by “Grafikas Kamera” in collaboration with “Latvijas Mākslinieku savienība” and kuš! Supported by State Culture Capital Foundation

  10. Anna Vaivare - Swimming Pool

    Exhibition, Seyðisfjörður Swimming Pool, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, 07.05.-05.06.2021

    “Swimming pool” is an exhibition of drawings from Anna Vaivare’s mini kuš! of the same title. It is a story about a worker at the swimming pool who enjoys observing people while keeping herself almost invisible doing her work. When you least expect it, she herself plunges into the water and unveils her special secret. Open for swimming pool guests during the regular opening hours. The exhibition is organized by Skaftfell Art Center.

  11. Fumetto Small Press Market

    Online Market at Fumetto, Lucerne, Switzerland 20.-28.03.2021

    kuš! took part in the online market of the International Comics Arts Festival Fumetto in Lucerne, Switzerland.

  12. FEVER - Comics Publishing Matching Session

    Presentation / Portfolio Review, Hong Kong Arts Centre (Comix Home Base), Hong Kong, 30.12.2020 - 23.01.2021

    Kuš! editor David Schilter was a (online) guest at FEVER - Comics Publishing Matching Session at the Comix Home Base in Hong Kong. He gave a presentation of small press comics publishing in Latvia and reviewed portfolios by local artists.

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